In order to satisfy the particular needs of each one of our Clients, at ELITTRANS we have realized that our added value lies in our HUMAN TEAM, so that since then the training policy of our staff has been a priority objective.

On the other hand, we have carried out continuous innovations in industrial vehicles that have made possible, day by day, the incorporation of the latest technology in mechanics and safety in order to meet the highest demands of QUALITY.

We are aware of the dimension that we have, still, we try, within our expansion policy, to look for new lines of business in the traditional sectors that we regularly serve.
  • National and International Full Freight Transportation Service
  • National Fractional Cargo Transportation Service

  • Urgent Transportation Service
  • Warehousing


You tell us where and when and our Company takes care of picking your cargo up, offering our best service.


Each transport is supervised by our own Security Advisors, in order to guarantee an optimal provision of the service.

Our vehicles are characterized by their adaptability and variety to transport all kinds of


Manages, classifies and orders the entry and exit of goods with subsequent control of rotations. We have recourses dedicated to the operations of this service.